Minimal, dimmable, beautiful LED bulb

Minimalist design, maximum efficiency, ARC is a dimmable statement LED light bulb tested in space.


Flytle - Arc
Flytle - Arc

Why Arc?

LED technology has made our world brighter and more efficient but let’s face it, not all LEDs are designed aesthetically. LED lights are everywhere - often cold and harsh, hurting our eyes when viewed directly.


Flytle - Arc

ARC is like looking into the warm blaze of a fire: it is intended to be appreciated - not just efficient. With ARC, we can share the message to the world that light bulbs can be both aesthetically beautiful and energy efficient.

ARC燈泡就像火團一樣 - 可細心欣賞。


Flytle - Arc

Minimalist Design, Maximum Efficiency

Flytle - Arc

Withstanding the elements, ARC’s energy efficient light emitting diodes have a life expectancy of 30,000 hours That’s about 14 years at 6 hours per day.


Flytle - Arc

ARC is encapsulated in a shatter-proof polycarbonate shell.


Flytle - Arc

There are two color options to choose from - Amber or Clear.

兩種亮度可供選擇 - Amber 和 Clear。

Flytle - Arc

ARC consists of a patented light guide design, which casts light over a curved surface, offering a warm 2200K temperature with varied richness and texture.


Flytle - Arc